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WCMRRA Operations
By Alvin R Kempf, Jr
Posted on 8/10/2017 2:57 PM
      We are making progress at putting summer behind us and nearing the time to get back to more active Model Railroading.       Operation Sessions will be open to all club members.  To make the sessions worth wile we will need to have individuals express their desires of what they want to sessions to be like,  Run a lot of long trains, do a lot of yardwork and blocking, do a bunch of local switching, etc.    Try to run scheduled or sequenced trains, or just run what ever comes up next?     Sessions will probably be about 2 hours in length, say from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, and then a sit around and jaw session following if people wish.   We can adjust the start or finish time as convenient.

      I plan to hold the first session of the new year the end of September.   In the past the sessions were held on the last Friday of the month.  Would the last Saturday be more convenient, or should we stick with Friday?   What do you want to do?      Please give me feedback so that I can put together a program that is what the club members want.    

     Al Kempf, Jr.  
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